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Online Sustainability Report

Social responsibility

As a globally active company, OTTO FUCHS assumes social responsibility worldwide.

At OTTO FUCHS, social commitment does not stop at the factory gates.


As a globally active group, OTTO FUCHS takes on social responsibility worldwide. For us, entrepreneurial success is inextricably linked with social responsibility. As a company, we want to play our part in developing society. OTTO FUCHS’s activities have always been heavily influenced by a business mindset and by social responsibility. As an employer, investor, and cooperative and development partner, we engage in all sorts of dialog with our societal environment in all our business locations. We see maintaining local roots as an opportunity and a mission for us as a company to get involved and assume responsibility at our business locations for public welfare, education, and science, and for social issues. We apply ourselves first and foremost in public welfare projects that include social responsibility on the part of the employees and donation drives*. The giving of donations and funding is subject to a transparent internal process, which is laid out in our code of conduct.


Since it was founded in 1910, OTTO FUCHS has stood for civic commitment in many areas. The spectrum of activities ranges from awarding scholarships to classic sponsorship activities in the field of sports and fund-raising campaigns, which are backed by dedicated, generous employees and shareholders as well as business partners and, of course, customers.

*No donations were made to political parties.

The fundraising campaigns of 2019 - which raised over 24,000 euros - included: "Drawing for a good cause" as part of the 6. Fuchsfelgen meeting - in aid of the Balthasar children's hospice in Olpe, "Pre-Christmas waffle baking" on the part of the trainees - in aid of the Meinerzhagen kindergartens, "Donate-Smile-Do Good" - a photo campaign at the staff Christmas market, in aid of the Blindwerk (blind people’s group) Westfalen in Valbert and the Meinerzhagen Tafel (food bank), as well as "Giving by Donating" - supporting the institutions "SOS Children's Villages Worldwide" and "German Agro Action", instead of Christmas presents to customers and suppliers.

Wide-ranging sports sponsoring activities, OTTO FUCHS supports local sports clubs and regional initiatives that pursue a charitable purpose. In the summer of 2019, this also included sponsoring a cycling team from Herscheid in the Märkischer Kreis region, which competed in the 4,800 kilometre Race Across America (RAAM) on the west coast of the USA. The RAAM team from Herscheid donated part of the sponsorship money (OTTO FUCHS supported the team as the main sponsor with 10,000 euros), advertising revenue and proceeds from the activities - which take place repeatedly within the framework of the project - to the palliative care facility of the Lüdenscheid hospital.

OTTO FUCHS supports university and scholarship programs for students: Since 2017, we have been the sponsor of the "OTTO FUCHS Lecture Hall" in the CARL Lecture Hall Center (Central Auditorium for Research and Learning) at RWTH Aachen University. OTTO FUCHS has been supporting the University of Applied Sciences of South Westphalia and the Technical University of Cologne (FH Gummersbach) for years as part of the "Deutschlandstipendium" (Germany scholarship) funding program. Initiated by the Federal Government, it pursues the basic idea of recognizing outstanding achievements by dedicated students and jointly contributing to developing the skilled workers of tomorrow.