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All locations are characterised by employees whose high level of competence and commitment form the basis for our success.

Opening up new markets, positioning the group of companies strategically, both nationally and internationally, has been a maxim of the company's policy from the very beginning.


As of 1 December 2020, the OTTO FUCHS Group (legally: OTTO FUCHS Beteiligungen KG) will be divided into OTTO FUCHS KG and Schüco International KG. More than 10,000 employees worldwide contribute to the group's success. The OTTO FUCHS Group generated sales of 2.58 billion euros in 2020.

OTTO FUCHS KG, with its headquarters in Meinerzhagen, was founded in 1910 as a small brass foundry. More than 2,800 employees work at this location, which is also OTTO FUCHS’ centre of excellence. Almost all materials and all forming techniques are bundled here in one place. In Meinerzhagen, high-quality finished parts and semi-finished products, especially metallurgically sophisticated forgings, extruded products and rolled rings made of aluminium, magnesium, copper, titanium and nickel alloys are produced for customers from the aerospace, automotive and construction industries as well as other branches of industrial technology. In line with its focus on key customer groups, OTTO FUCHS KG is divided into the Aerospace and Automotive divisions. 

In the Aerospace Division, OTTO FUCHS KG in Meinerzhagen and Weber Metals, Inc. in Paramount, USA, have already been established for decades as renowned suppliers to the aviation industry. The two sites manufacture well over 5,000 different products in almost 100 different aluminium, magnesium, titanium and nickel alloys, for almost all current aircraft types and their engines. The Aerospace Division has the world's most modern park of large presses with a press capacity of up to 540 meganewtons (≙ 60,000 short tons). In addition to aircraft parts for fuselage, landing gear, wings and engines, the division manufactures products for related high technologies such as the railway industry, medical technology as well as marine and industrial technology.

The Automotive Division includes the companies with the German sites OTTO FUCHS KG and OTTO FUCHS Surface Technology GmbH & Co. KG in Meinerzhagen, OTTO FUCHS Surface Technology in Leonberg (closed in 2019) and OTTO FUCHS Dülken GmbH & Co. KG in Viersen as well as the forging operations Foxtec-Ikhwezi (Pty) Ltd. in East London, South Africa and OTTO FUCHS Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. in Shenyang, P.R. China and the OTTO FUCHS Hungary Kft. wheel plant in Tatabánya, Hungary. The main product groups of this division are forged aluminium wheels as well as forged products for chassis, engine, steering, transmission and vehicle hydraulics. Every year, OTTO FUCHS manufactures around 100 million parts for the automotive industry.

The EXTRUSIONS division is also part of the Automotive division. OTTO FUCHS is able to press a wide range of alloys with the aid of various extrusion processes - direct and indirect as well as the process for seamless tubes. Important products in this division include extruded profiles for construction elements such as windows, doors or façades, which are processed into versatile construction elements by the subsidiary Schüco International KG, among others. Our aluminium composite profiles form the basis for innovative battery housings which, as extremely resilient carriers of battery units, can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of vehicle types - and thus provide a future-proof platform for the heart of all e-mobility. OTTO FUCHS Drilling Solutions was founded in 2014 to market products and solutions in the oil and gas market segment.

Schüco International KG, with its headquarters in Bielefeld, Germany, and locations in 43 countries, occupies a special position among the subsidiaries of the OTTO FUCHS Group. With 4,750 employees and more than 12,000 partners, Schüco develops and sells window, door and façade systems in more than 80 countries. The company has been part of the OTTO FUCHS Group since 1964. The close integration with the Extrusions sub-division, which supplies some of the aluminium profiles required to Schüco, gives the company a unique selling point in the market.

"OTTO FUCHS fully convinced the top-level jury in all four core areas of the competition," said the jurors.



In spring 2020, OTTO FUCHS was awarded the Axia Best Managed Companies Award as an exemplary managed medium-sized company for sustainable and far-sighted entrepreneurship.
Dr. Hinrich Mählmann, personally liable partner, sees the scrutiny of the jury of experts as confirmation of the many steps taken to ensure the company's continued success even after the Corona crisis: "Ready-made, off-the-peg products are simply inadequate when it comes to ensuring a technologically and economically convincing response to challenging customer demands! Expertise acquired over a period of over 110 years and our own in-house research ensure products of the very highest quality. This means that OTTO FUCHS is always one step ahead of the state of the art," says Dr Mählmann.

Award ceremony in times of Corona: Dr. Hinrich Mählmann (fourth from right) accepted the "Axia Best Managed Companies Award" on behalf of OTTO FUCHS on the factory premises instead of at the usual Deloitte event.